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Loddefjord Longsleeve

Loddefjord Longsleeve

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Explore our latest addition to the gym wardrobe - the Elastic Bamboo Longsleeve. Designed with comfort, performance and sustainability in mind, this longsleeve is the perfect companion for your training sessions, specially adapted to Loddefjord IL's basketball club.

Materials: Bamboo - Natural Flexibility and Breathability: This longsleeve is made of high-quality bamboo material that provides a fantastic combination of elasticity and breathability. The bamboo fibers allow for natural movement, making it ideal for basketball practice and warm-ups. At the same time, it provides excellent moisture transport, so you can stay dry and comfortable throughout the session.

Elastic Fit - Full Freedom of Movement: The elastic fit gives you full freedom of movement on the pitch. Whether you're dribbling, dribbling or sprinting, this longsleeve will adapt to your body's movements and give you the support you need.

Design with Loddefjord IL identity: Longsleeve is more than just training clothes; it is part of the Loddefjord IL identity. With the club's colors and logo integrated into the design, you can wear your pride on your chest as you prepare for battle.

Versatile Use: Don't limit this longsleeve to the gym or the basketball court. It works just as well for warming up as for cooling down after an intense session. The soft bamboo makes it comfortable enough to wear all day, whether you're on your way to training, school or club meetings.

Sustainable Choice: We believe in taking care of both the players and our planet. Bamboo is a sustainable resource that requires little water and no chemicals to grow, making this longsleeve an eco-friendly choice for conscious athletes.

Give your best on the pitch in style and comfort. Discover the elastic bamboo longsleeve, created especially for the Loddefjord IL club. Order yours now and be ready to dominate the pitch with the best in comfort, performance and club pride!

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